Effective Oral Communication - Maximum professionalism when it matters

torsdag 2 februari 2023 18:00 - 19:30 , Hotel Hellsten, Luntmakargatan 68, 11351 Stockholm, Sweden

Per Furumo

What we say is important. How we say it can determine its impact.

Modern research shows that the audience’s experience - and how a message is received - is influenced by much more than the mere contents of a presentation. This is why effective oral communication “when it matters” can provide the competitive edge on a market where the difference between the products and services on offer is frequently negligible in the mind of the customer. Whether the message is external or internal, nothing is more important than clarity when it comes to articulation and expression.

All speaking engagements - whether PowerPoint presentations, quarterly reports or sales pitches and regardless of the topic or situation - ultimately involve the same strategy: give your presentation in such a way that the audience is interested and wants to listen and interact.

With this in mind, Per Furumo Voice and Message AB has introduced a general framework which can be used in all professional speaking situations, the “Manual for Every Professional Speaking Situation”. This guide lays the foundation for understanding tempo, tone/strength, intonation, pausing, etc. Naturally, body language and rhetorical guidance relating to content and structure are integral to the training. Coach Per Furumo is a consultant in the areas of oral exposition/rhetoric/presentation technique. Per’s clients include a number of Sweden’s largest companies and organisations, leading law firms and the Swedish Government Offices, Karolinska Institutet, Uppsala University and many others.